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The ring of promise

English printing of the XlXth century
A series of modern rings with different settings
Since ancient times the gift of a ring represented a seal of a promise of love. In the ancient Rome, the ring was the symbol of a love story: every engagement or marriage cerimony was sanctioned wíth the exchange of rings, even if they were made of simple iron or gold. The use of the rings as token of love strengthens in the centuries, 'till when, in the fifteenth-century the habit of the engagement or marriage ring with diamond, the gem of the perseverance, begins to take root. The habit of the ring finger comes probably from an ancient cerimony of the catholic líturgy, when the celebrant, after touching the first three fingers of the left hand saying: " in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Ghost", put the ring on the fourth finger of the same hand. According to the most romantic legend the ring finger had been chosen because ancient people believed that the love vein run directly from the tip of the left ring finger up to the heart.
XVIth century ring with diamons and enamelled motifs
Roman ring with diamond lllrd century b.C