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The Platinum
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With a specific gravity of 21,45 gr. for cubic centimetres,platinum is the heaviest of all precious metals. 24 carat gold has a specific gravity of 19,3 while pure silver arrives to 10,5. Platinum (11,35 grams/cubic centimetre) usurps its fame of very heavy metal.

Besides, platinum has a very high melting point: 1773 degrees centigrades in comparison to the 1063 of the gold one and the 960 of the silver one. But also other characteristics make it unique, like its resistance to physical and chemical agents (no acid or alkaline solutions can alter it, with the only exception of turpentine at 70 degrees centigrades) and like its capacity of not being deformed when exposed to heat. In 1795, when the decimal system was adopted , the standard metre and kilometre were made in platinum.

It is still possible to see the two samples in the Pavillon de Breteuil a Sèvres, Paris.


Its extraordinary characteristics make platinum a real and proper strategic metal, with applications in the most advanced sectors of industry, of technology, of science.

Platinum is so important that only a third of the whole production can be used in jewelry: the main part, infact, is employed in medicine, chemistry, electronics, energy, oil, and glass sectors. Platinum is essential, besides all, in the manufacture of pace-makers, fertilizers, lenses , glass fibres, tubes for televisions.

The catalytic properties are also used to reduce the atmospheric pollution caused by the exhaust gas of the motor-vehicles.

In conclusion , platinum is important even under the investment profile: approximately the 15% of the global production is treasured up in ingots or coins.


The pureness and the incredible ductility make platinum the ideal metal for the creation of jewels. The content of pure metal in alloy used in jewelry is 950.; and with only 1 gram of platinum a very fine thread 2 kilometres long can be made out of it. Platinum is perfectly compatible with all kinds of skin, it is immune from alterations and from usury, it protects the stones that it mounts more than any kind of material, and thanks to its cromatic neutrality, it exalts their beauty without competing with their light and with their colours. The most famous diamonds of the English crown - the Koh-i-Noor and the African Star- are mounted in platinum.

For these reasons, the great jewellers of all times have accepted the challenge proposed by platinum to their technical ability and to their creativity.

Authentic artists like Louis Cartier, Tiffany, Fabergè have done it; the most famous contemporary "creators" do it every day, they are involved in overworking all the potentialities of platinum in order to invent a new design and a new relation between man and jewel


"Only platinum can be worn with evening suits" the Duchess of Windsor used to say, who was very expert in jewels and who was a famous model of behaviours. In the evening, as a matter of fact, the moon reflections of platinum are particulary elegant, refined, fascinating. But the charm of platinum - we have already seen it - is global and connected to all those "added values" that have built its myth and that exalt its preciousness.

White gold is similar to platinum; and as an economic alternative to platinum, it was invented at the beginning of the century. But similar doesn't mean the same; and nothing is the same to platinum.

If it's true that jewels are the way to communicate personality, taste, and style, well, who has personality, taste, and style cannot avoid being fond of platinum jewelry. And approach it, if he hasn't still done it.

Platinum diffusion

The Platinum Guild International Italy - commonly called Platinum Diffusion - has the istitutional aim of advertising platinum and its use in jewelry.

Its constitution for the Rustenburg Platinum Mines, the main world producer of platinum, is a clear recognition of the Italian primacy in the sector of precious objects.

The duty of consecrating the afirmation of platinum jewelry in all the world,is given to Italy, home of design, that underlines its material and immaterial values and exalts its seduction power.

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