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The design of a cameo.
In the past when the gold of the jewels was only yellow, silver had a considerable cromatic importance, the diamonds mounted on a white background assumed a more noble aspect and making the jewels of the school of goldsmiths in the south of Italy particular.
The series of antique charm is composed of a group of cameos in shell engraved by hand with the working in gold that remember the antique splendours of the past. In this collection all the antique techniques are reflected, so that this style of jewelry can be worked, the bonly variant that doesn't modify the style is the replacement of the silver with the white gold that holds the diamonds that have to be set.
The important phases of working a cameo
The first forms are obtained after having melted the gold in plates and having moulded perfectly around the shell;it is very important to take into consideration thicknesses and the measures even for the continuation of the object.
After having given to the shell a worthy seat where to fit, one starts to consider how to build the different pieces that surround it, reffering to the design that is drawn to a full scale.
From the very beginning, one must have a clear idea of what he is about to create, if he wants a perfect execution, and so every technique must be realized in function of the following ones. In this phase the pieces have already been built and one starts to think of the way to put them together and create the jewel.
The finished object
The object is in the finishing phase....