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Invisible embedding

The invisible embedding is a beautiful effect of "pavè" that is obtained with the stones that have a "carrè" cut, these are cut by the stone cutter purposely for every object. Because there mustn't be any air between one stone and another, these will have in the "coulasse" a that will allow the metal binaries placed between a stone and another to keep them still (dis. A). The stones that will result external in the design will be a closing to every binary (dis. B).  

The embedding of a stone in another

For exigences of design and of originality sometimes it may happen that a stone has to be fixed in another one (dis. A). The first is a diamond with a round or particular form that is set in an English setting usually in platinum. It will have to be adherent the most possible to the stone and the metal underneath the belt will have to be the most fine possible (dis. B). The second stone that will have to support the first one will be a semiprecious stone or a sapphire (on condition that it hasn't any internal imperfections that prejudices its integrity). It will be excavated in a specular way where the first stone will fit in (dis. C). According to the colour and to the type of stone, this cavity will be more or less shiny so that the setting is less visible in the inner part of the stone and it can be fixed with special to the other stone that is mounted, ther will be then mounted on the object like a normal stone with a particular effect (dis. D). This effect can be obbtained even with other combinations: turqoises, corals pearls etc., but in some cases because of the that have been used and of the lack of transparency

(dis. E) it is possible to fix the support stone (dis. F). Certainly the contrast obtained is very effective and it will be however appropriate to estimate the costs and the use when projecting it.