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A lateral spring closing

Used for short forms it is composed of a small female box that holds back the tongue on the male part with A. The tongue is a plate in white gold that can be blocked lateraly on both sides according to the model. The cut that runs through it and allows it to have the elastic external sides so that it can be blocked. Variation of the previous one (dis. C). This has also the function of a security hook, the tongue has to turn around the hinge of the box.

A closing that can be regulated

Usually this is used for watch straps it permits to regulate, in a quick way, small length differences. One part has the shape of a book and is attached to the wrist watch strap with a clasp (hinge). This part has some cross bars equidistant that will have the function to join this part with the rectangular ring of the part (dis. B) and a lid with its click closing will keep everything still (dis. C).

A lateral hinge closing

The two parts to join together, end with a straight joint and a male and a female clasp (dis. A).The clasp will have a needle inside it and a cylindrical hinge shall pass through it. This is divided into two parts in length and slightly open like a "V" with a on its points in a circular direction (dis. B) that it will make it spring in the "virole", a small brass ring, which is placed in the last clasp in comparison with the first one (dis. C). It is necessary to provide the hinge of a security chain so it won't get lost. With more space the hinge with a "V" form can be kept still with another hinge that passes through it (dis. D).

Another variant for the same type of juncture is with a hinge that is threaded on the top and obviously also the last clasp has to be threaded in its inner part (dis. E). In this way the hinge won't be lost because it will be kept still by the narrower of the opposite clasp (dis. E) there will be more game with the male clasp. Alternatively the hinge with the smallest threaded top (dis. F) will aviod this game and it will be better to provide it of a safety chain.