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Locks (stops)

If you want to fasten a brooch to a dress the best way is to fasten it with a pin-needle that can be fixed or pinned on a clasp (dis. A). The needle is passed through the material and the end is stopped by a metal curl placed on the opposite side (dis. B). The needle has is pushed upwards due to the metal thickness near the junture of the clasp. There have been done different kinds of variants to this version to keep the needle from coming out. The curl (dis. C) has been replaced with a

cock's combit consists in a metal "C" that holds a straw that is open in length with an external hinge that runs through the placed in the "C". Once the needle is put near the "C" the hinge will run through the crane. In this way the thin cane will go round the needle stopping. Another solution is a small pomp (dis. D) where a half cane recieves the needle and holds it. On the other end a thin cane will slide towards the needle blocking it (stopping it).
In some cases for small brooches double needles without the final closing are used. The needle is fixed on a clasp which has a square form on the outside, the female part has a spring in the centre on which the same needle will be hinged (dis. C) the spring is white gold and operates against the edge of the clasp of the needle and it will keep it open or closed (dis. D). There are also other types of springs (dis. E-G).
 Clips for earrings

A good thing to do when you want to fix an earring to the lobe of an ear, is to proportion the form of the "dip" with the "dip" of the object both for aesthetics reasons and for a good balance. If this isn't correct and the meccanic force isn't right it will make the earring hang or turn round. The most simple way to wear an earring with the ears pierced is the one called (dis. A) that consists in a curved wire that passes through the lobe and joins the base

of the earring. A threaded hinge is used as a stop (block) (dis. B) and kept still by the other part of the lobe with a butterfly. If the hinge is smooth the lobe has to be pierced and the screw system will be adorned with a passing hinge. At its extremity it will have an American saying that has two round washers and will make them spring up. It consists in a curved wire like a "U" to screw the wings of the butterfly by blocking it, that at one end it has welded and the other.